Welcome! I’m Prague Medical Holiday team.

We are a small team of healthcare professionals based in a number of locations across Prague and Czech Republic.

We understand the importance of well-being and good health. Thus, with an aim to provide quality health care service, at Prague Medical Holiday, we provide world-class Medical Care at Affordable Prices . From travel logistics, visa, transportation for medical treatment, to surgery, hospitalisation, travel and stay in Prague.

Our partner hospitals are credited for their praiseworthy services. With an efficient team of qualified and experienced medical staff, surgeons and nursing staff, our partner hospitals stay beside you, throughout your journey to recovery. Equipped with the finest infrastructure and advanced surgical equipments, these hospitals provide healthcare, at very affordable prices.

Apart from the best hospitals, our tie-ups with numerous Mineral water spas , resorts and rehabilitation clinics can give you enough time to recuperate.

And thank you, thank you, thank you for stopping by. YOU are our business. And our business is to help YOU improve YOUR health and thrive. Here’s to de-stressing your health problems… for good!

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