GHC Clinic Prague

GHC Clinic Prague is the first private clinic in the Czech Republic, successfully thriving and providing services since 1996. All that time, the team of our top specialists has provided our clients with comprehensive care. Not only our state-of-the-art technical equipment and medical procedures following the latest scientific findings, but also a luxurious environment in the centre of Prague with parking satisfy hundreds of thousands of clients. Our comprehensive care is exceptional by our individual approach to each client and the scope of provided services, which satisfy needs in all fields of medicine: internal medicine, gynaecology, paediatrics, stomatology, plastic surgery, general surgery, aesthetic medicine,dermatology, physiotherapy / wellness and, of course, top-quality postoperative care, including Intensive Care Unit.

Luhacovice SPA

Fourth largest resort in the Czech Republic - Luhacovice - is in the midst of a "green sea" natural reserve of the White Carpathians . This unique resort, created in harmony with nature. Nature reserve of the White Carpathians famous for its clean air and favorable climate, warm and long summer creates a nice effect of endless vacation. Luhačovice Spa - a resort for those who care about their health, wants to charge a new energy, a little pause stressful pace of everyday worries and just relax.

Today Luhacovice - is a modern thriving resort with a rich experience in the treatment and 17 springs with high mineral content, to help Luhacovice resort center is one of the leading European resorts. Treatment in Lagachovitse popular among Europeans, it is inexpensive, but quality resort.

Selecting curative stay in Luhacovice you have a good rest and gain strength for the coming year , and to recharge again you will definitely want to go back there again!

Natural sodium chloride-soda-acid mineral water and a source of c high sulfur in the water. Mineral water resort contain sodium, calcium, magnesium, chlorine, iron, carbon dioxide, bromine, iodine, a high content of free carbon dioxide and other trace elements. Water temperature of 10 to 120 ° C. The most famous is the source Vincentka.

Main indications for referral to treatment

Airways disease (adults and children )

Musculoskeletal System (adults)

Metabolic disorder (adults)

Diseases of the digestive tract (adults)

Diseases of the cardiovascular system (adults)

Cancers in remission (adults)

Marianske SPA

Marianske SPA is located in a broad valley at an altitude of West Bohemia, 576 - 626m above sea level. Forest width of about 20 km, riddled with numerous hiking trails surrounds the city on all sides. Marianske SPA has received worldwide recognition not only for its curative methods and the famous mineral springs, but also beautiful surroundings.

If you want to improve your health, gain strength and experience of the wonderful nature and European service, the resort will help you in this, and our travel company organizes all qualitatively .

Natural mineral water, natural sources of carbon dioxide, peloids .

Main indications for referral to treatment

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system

Urologic Diseases

Upper respiratory tract,bronchi and lungs

Sanatorium New SPA
Metabolic diseases

Gynecological disorders,infertility

Cancers in remission

Jachymov SPA

Jachymov is the first radon spa in the world - was founded in 1516 by Count Schlick . This unique town, which is rightly called the cradle of the atomic age is just 17 km from Karlovy Vary on the southern slopes of the Ore Mountains, Mysterious forest beckoning valley, rushing mountain streams and plateaus capped peaks of the Ore Mountains, emphasize the romantic beauty Jachymov. But his main treasure hidden deep underground, whence the healing springs , giving health to many people. Jachymov is a world rarity on the development and effectiveness of radon water treatment, based on internationally recognized methods Czech rehabilitation, radon unique and individual approach of professional doctors. Customers certainly will appreciate the friendly attitude of the staff of the resort, comfort and peace.

The main remedy in the resort are radon baths, water which is taken from the powerful radioactive sources hitters mine Svornost depth of 550m . Their overall performance - 400l per minute. Radon baths taken 6 times a week for 20 minutes. Radon is a source of soft ionizing alpha radiation, which penetrates through the skin, provides an analgesic effect , improves blood circulation and joint mobility, stimulates the regenerative processes of tissues of the musculoskeletal system, harmonizes autonomic functions, normalizes blood pressure and improves the body's immunity. These procedures are contraindicated only for children up to 18 years, they developed a unique program of treatment of the musculoskeletal system . That Jachymov treatments are well tolerated, evidenced by the fact that the treatment successfully tested by elderly patients with cardiovascular disease, which is contraindicated for the treatment of mud resorts. Water treatments are complemented by physical therapy specifically developed techniques.

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