Step 1

You have already done, Its visiting our web page.

Step 2

View our details in website and contact us by use our Special Request Form for Free Consultation.

Step 3

Pre-Trip Consultation

Once we receive request for medical treatment, We get back with the various option available for that procedure. This initial consultation is provided free of charge with no obligation to purchase.

Step 4

Review of your medical procedure requirement.

As soon as we receive your medical reports and prescriptions of the patients are requested, which are sent to various hospitals for the experts reviews.

Step 5

Recommendation email list

We mail you options and recommendations of the various super specialists, along with the approximate coste and lykely duration of stay required for treatment in Prague or Czech Republic.

Step 6

Decision Making. Personalized Packages and Services

You can choose what you want to do when you want to do it. We offer a personalized service which allows you to design your own treatment package choosing from preferred dates, flights or other transport, your choice of accommodation, and a variety of tours and excursions. Our company will send you a price quotation as per your preference. This price not include accomodations, transportation and visa.

Step 7

Arrival in Prague

Our representative will receive you at the airport in Prague and facilitate your consultation with the medical expert. We take care of all modes of transport including airport pick-ups, rental cars and private taxi transfers as well as bus, train and ferry tickets so you can relax and enjoy your holiday, knowing all the little details have been taken care of.

Step 8

Medical procedure

Check out our World-Class medical facilities and get yourself treated to the best of your health. This will also include post treatment care that you need.

Step 9

Post Treatment

You can také a post-recuperative holiday in Czech Republic. If you are fit then you can enjoy travelling in the most popular destination in the East Europe.

The capital, Prague is regarded as one of Europe's most charming and beautiful cities. We couldn't agree more. As an all-year-round destination it is hard to beat. While on vacation in the Czech Republic some of our guests enjoy taking a break from the city to spend a night in the picturesque UNESCO World Heritage listed medieval town of Cesky Krumlov.

We provide Czech Republic travel services to all of the destinations listed below, and throughout Central and Eastern Europe to vacationers coming from the USA, Saudi Arabia, UK, Russia and Europe. Contact us, for a free travel consultation or request a call back at your convenience. See more at:

Step 10

Tours & Excursions

We have curated a selection of tours & excursions in most of our overnight destinations, carefully selecting local partners to provide these services. There are activities for everyone ranging from rafting to wine tasting. We suggest longer stays in fewer overnight destinations, taking advantage of these day trips to see the region.

Step 11

Flight Assistance

We can assist in finding you the cheapest fares to each destination or if you'd prefer to book the flights yourself (many of our guests take advantage of their frequent flyer miles for their trips to Europe) we can advise you on routing as well as which airports to arrive at and leave from so you're not wasting doubling back during your tour.

Step 12

Overseas Follow Up

Once you have reached your home, we will arange for post treatment follow if required through different contact line, like email, phone etc.

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