The specific services provided by Prague Medical Holiday depend on each patient's medical needs and individual wishes. These statements by some of our patients provide a sense of our approach.Prague Medical Holiday takes the hassle out of your Eastern Europe medical vacation with services that allow you to relax and enjoy your treatment ...

We provide personalized medical travel services to Czech Republic for individuals and business people. Our customized itineraries cover everything from start to finish including accommodations in authentic apartments and villas, charming B&B's and pensions and unique boutique/design hotels.

Also we can arrange transport between cities, tours & excursions, airport & other transfers and on-site assistance. If required we can also help you in finding the best flights to and from Europe. ( please click Here to see how our service works Step by Step).


Czech Republic is renowned for excellent professional standards in terms of doctors, nurses, hospitals and healthcare facilities, medical devices, medicines and pharmaceuticals as well as organizational aspects. By choosing to receive high-quality medical care in Czech Republic, you are minimizing the risks associated with standard medical treatments.

Private clinics

Private clinics in the Czech Republic have the latest technology, including English speaking specialists, most of them with internationally recognised qualifications and practice experience in western countries such as the US and the UK, all at a fraction of the price that would be paid in those countries. The clinics are located in Prague as well as in another cities such as Brno, Karlovy Vary, Jahymov and Luhacovice.

Czech surgeons undertake several years of specialist training before they are allowed to operate. In the Czech Republic the title Doctor of Medicine (Medicine Universae Doctor - MUDr.) is given to graduates from a Medical Faculty after studying for six years. This title allows a graduate to practice medicine in a hospital as an assistant physician (resident) or in an outpatient establishment under the supervision of another qualified doctor.

Postgraduate medical education is based on a two-step specialisation - the compulsory first degree of specialisation for every doctor practising medicine and the second specialisation degree that is mandatory only for physicians in leading positions. Surgeons need to be licensed and certified to perform surgery in the Czech Republic.

Prague Medical Holiday will be pleased to help you to find the best clinic or place for your treatment which suits your needs and wishes.

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